Increasingly, decisions and actions by government and the private sector are influenced by both the reality and perception of public opinion. In this era of instant communication, multiple-choice media and rapidly changing events, every organization must know where its key publics stand and where they are going.

In the public affairs arena, public opinion takes on particular importance. How legislators and regulators view public opinion often spells the difference between passage and failure of critical measures. Community support or opposition will frequently seal the fate of important projects. Public acceptance is the minimum prerequisite for the viability of every product and idea. Successful public affairs is contingent on the ability to understand and harness public opinion.

IMN takes a diagnostic approach to public opinion research. We employ state-of-the-art methodology and work with the best specialists in the field to measure, monitor and analyze attitudes and perceptions. Our research looks not only at the general public but also at key audiences, constituencies and demographic and geographic groups. IMN utilizes the information and insights gained from opinion research to fashion communications programs and messages that advance our clients' objectives.

Polling - IMN develops, directs and analyzes quantitative polls to provide statistically reliable measurements of opinion and attitudes. We also track published polling data to provide additional perspective.

Focus Research - IMN conducts focus panels and individualized qualitative research to examine the texture of public opinion, test messages and communications vehicles, and to examine the thought processes that shape attitudes.

Community Analysis - IMN develops in-depth community profiles through the conduct of ascertainment surveys: personal interviews with community leaders and representative of key constituencies. These ascertainment surveys not only provide invaluable insights into the issues, power structure, politics and culture of a community, they also result in positive public relations for our clients.

Leadership Interviews - IMN also conducts leadership interviews: substantive sessions with business, community and constituency leaders and opinion makers.

Effective communications start with a sound understanding of who the audience is and what they are thinking. Good opinion research and analysis at the beginning produces good results at the end.