At the heart of every successful public affairs campaign is a message. If the message is off target, so is the campaign. Issues Management Network excels in the art and science of message development. We approach the process systematically--examining the facts, analyzing public opinion, assessing the environment and focusing on the core objectives. The results of this process are winning messages that reach the hearts and minds of target audiences.

The Right Message

IMN applies three Rs to message development: Relevance, Resonance and Responsiveness. To be effective, a message must be relevant to the issues and objectives. It must be believable and resonate with the target audiences. It must persuade and motivate. Staying on point is critical and it is important to have clarity from the outset. Early in the process, IMN develops a Copy Platform--a succinct statement of core messages and key points. The Copy Platform ensures that the client and the communications team share a common understanding and acts as a guidepost for communications throughout the campaign.

The Right Audience

A potent message works only if it reaches the right audience--the target audience. Different audiences have different interests and frames of reference, so IMN works to make sure that what we have to say works with the audience our client needs to reach. While consistency is essential, it frequently makes sense to adjust the thrust and emphasis of the message for different audiences. Public opinion surveys and focus research are useful tools in audience targeting and in testing and honing messages.

The Right Vehicle

There is no one right way to deliver a message. Much depends upon the circumstances, the objectives, the nature of the issue, the audience and the available resources. IMN develops the most effective and efficient means of delivering the message. We create issue advertising, direct mail and literature. We produce videos and cable television programs. We utilize news media strategies. We develop grass roots campaigns. At IMN, we aren't wedded to formulas. We have the capabilities and the good sense to use what will work best in each situation.

The Right Messenger

Credibility is the linchpin of successful communication. The message won't be believed if the messenger isn't believable. IMN identifies third party experts and allies and pinpoints authoritative publications, testimony, public statements and statistics. Spokesperson training and coaching also play a key role.