Their Hearts and Minds Will Follow

As the political environment has changed, so have the dynamics of decision making at every level of government. More and more, elected and appointed officials are weighing decisions not only on the merits, but on how those decisions will be perceived by an often skeptical and sometimes hostile public.

Today, government relations entails more than direct lobbying. It also requires media savvy, coalition building skills and the ability to craft and deliver messages that resonate with key publics, as well as government officials. IMN combines public affairs communications expertise with years of hands-on experience and credibility in direct government relations at the federal, state and local levels

Government Relations - There is no substitute for direct contact with the elected and appointed officials who make and influence decisions. From city hall to the state house to the White House, it is crucial to understand the players and their motivations and priorities. IMN governmental relations professionals bring insight, access and credibility to this process as we develop and implement strategic approaches designed to carry the day on important public policy decisions.

Coalition Building - There are usually more than two sides to every issue and IMN is adept at the art of bringing interests together to pursue shared objectives. Whether it is enlisting local businesses to support a major development project, mobilizing senior citizens to oppose health care cutbacks or allying with environmental groups on clean air issues, we have been successful in helping our clients expand their base of support on vital policy issues. Direct lobbying, calls and letters to officeholders, testimony at public hearings, media statements and community outreach are important ways in which third party support can help to move the political process.

Direct Voter Communication - In some cases, the best way to reach public officials is through the public. IMN uses broadcast and print advertising, direct mail, telephone canvassing and grass roots outreach to raise visibility and build public support for our clients' positions. Political leaders are most comfortable leading in the direction they perceive their constituents to be heading already.

Media Liaison - News media coverage of governmental decision making is uneven and sometimes unpredictable. The reality is, however, that bad press can kill good policy and good press can provide the momentum needed to move a policy agenda. IMN professionals understand the critical media imperatives and develop strategies and tactics geared to specific objectives and context.

IMN takes a multi-disciplinary approach to influencing governmental decisions. We work with the client to define goals and objectives and to lay out key strategies and messages. We then employ the most effective mix of activities--ranging from a single telephone call to an all out campaign combining lobbying, coalition building, public outreach and grass roots mobilization. All politics are, indeed, local and all governmental decisions are situational. IMN's special ability is to get the most out of each situation for our clients.