Environmental issues are among the most sensitive and challenging issues facing most companies. Public cynicism, fear of the unknown, risk aversion and technical complexity all contribute to the frequent gap between reality and public perception. As a result, responsible firms and industries often find themselves in the frustrating position of having their operations and their motives challenged by politicians, environmental activists and a skeptical public.

IMN has a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with critical environmental challenges. From permitting sensitive projects to fighting policy battles in the legislative and regulatory arenas, our professional team has demonstrated exceptional strategic focus and communications skills.

IMN's environmental communications services include strategic counseling, crisis planning and response, message and materials development, governmental relations, media liaison, community outreach, issues advertising and direct mail, and communications training.

IMN provides comprehensive public affairs consulting in a number of key environmental areas:

Risk Communication - Community outreach and educational programs for industrial facilities that help build understanding and confidence among neighbors. Development of accessible informational materials that explain and inform about industrial operations and processes. As an example, the IMN team has helped to build a reservoir of community trust and support for Mobil Oil's major refinery in Torrance, California.

Legislative and Regulatory Policy - Advocacy programs aimed at achieving public policy objectives relating to air and water quality, product safety, management of hazardous materials, etc. Development of persuasive arguments, materials and testimony. Coalition building and recruitment of third party support. Liaison with news media. Communication with elected and appointed officials. IMN team members have worked on issues at all levels, from Congress and the Federal EPA to local agencies and municipalities. For instance, IMN principal, Doug Jeffe, managed the public affairs effort that resulted in enactment of the South Coast Air Quality Management District's RECLAIM program--a market driven approach to air pollution control.

Permitting and Land Use - Public affairs programs that build public acceptance and support for major projects. IMN works with environmental planners and attorneys to build the strongest case for each project, identify stakeholders and allies, and implement targeted communications activities. The IMN team has successfully handled public affairs responsibilities on projects ranging from oil pipelines to major medical research facilities and neighborhood shopping centers

Crisis Response - Public affairs strategy and communications in response to a major accident or environmental event. Crisis communications planning and training. IMN is structured to mobilize a top flight team of professionals to assist clients in dealing with crisis situations.