Making Molehills Out of Mountains

No organization is immune from crisis--the moment of truth when the organization's bottom line, reputation and viability are put to the test. By definition no one can anticipate the unexpected or the unthinkable, but you can be prepared to handle the situation and regain control of your destiny. That's where IMN comes in.

IMN's principals and counselors are seasoned veterans who have handled crisis communications ranging from industrial accidents and product recalls to corporate reorganizations and major legal actions. We know how to act responsibly, quickly and decisively when everything is on the line. It's in a crisis when good strategy and sound thinking counts most.

IMN crisis communications services include:

Crisis Planning - An inventory of potential vulnerabilities and current readiness. Development of comprehensive strategic and tactical communications plans.

Crisis Training - Table top exercises and field simulations for communications professionals and support staff.

Spokesperson Training - Designed to prepare executives for the special challenges of dealing with the media and public during a crisis.

Crisis Response - Communications counsel and on-site support during actual crisis situations.