Whether being interviewed on "60 Minutes," conducting a news conference, testifying at a legislative hearing, addressing a group of concerned neighbors, or simply interacting with local businesses and residents in the course of a major construction project, today's businesses and institutions have tremendous opportunities to put their best foot forward or to put it in their own mouths.

I M P A C T is a public affairs training and counseling service designed to help prepare the people who represent their organizations in public settings. Our programs are tailored to our clients' specific needs and objectives with an emphasis on substance. Getting the hand gestures right is helpful--getting the message right is what really counts.

I M P A C T programs include:

Media Training and Coaching -- Development and honing of media interview skills and techniques. Oriented to client-relevant issues and subject areas. Videotaped simulations and practice. Preparation and coaching for specific situations and appearances.

Presentation Training -- Making the right impression. Delivering key messages effectively. Reading the audience. Handling the Q&A. Using audio-visual aids.

Representing the Organization -- Interacting with the public. Dealing with individual businesses and neighbors. Fielding complaints. Creating a bond. How to say no.

Public Affairs 101 -- For managers who are not communications professionals but must operate the in the public arena. The fundamentals of community and media relations. Interacting with government officials and politicians.