The Winning Team

More and more, public policy issues of critical importance to business are finding their way to the ballot - with voters rather than legislators or regulators having the final say. Whether it's health care, tort reform, taxes or land use decisions, ballot propositions frequently wind up being the bottom line.

Issues Management Network provides full-service campaign consulting and management services for non-partisan ballot issues. Our team has directed dozens of initiative and referenda campaigns at both statewide and local levels. IMN Principal Douglas Jeffe is a veteran of more than 100 campaigns, including:

  • Passage of a statewide ballot measure to protect California highway funds.
  • Defeat of a city initiative that would have prohibited the use of hydrofluoric acid at Mobil Oil's Torrance California Refinery.
  • Passage of a constitutional amendment lifting California's interest rate ceilings.
  • Defeat of slow growth measures that would have inhibited film industry. development in Burbank, California.
  • Approval of a major hotel and conference center in Santa Barbara.
  • Defeat of rent control initiatives in Long Beach and Santa Monica.
  • Passage of fiscal reform measures in Los Angeles.
  • Defeat of a statewide greyhound racing initiative.
  • Defeat of a measure to reduce health and welfare spending in California.
  • Approval of a major marine terminal in Long Beach.
  • Defeat of a measure that would have closed an industrial facility in Ohio.

IMN's campaign team includes expertise in campaign management, strategy development, advertising and direct mail, community outreach, media relations and public opinion research.